Like many years ago…

Zenit and AEK are playing today`s match at Petrovsky in the same uniform colors as they had in the teams` historic UEFA Cup 2004/2005 meeting.
Luciano Spalletti`s team will play in its traditional azure-colored home kit. Zenit`s goalkeeper will play in a grey sweater. The visitors will play in their traditional yellow uniforms. The AEK keeper will play in orange and grey. The referee team will all wear black, and seems to plan to be very strict in today`s match.

“We`re going to stop any attempts at diving or appellation to the line referees,” said Milorad Mazic, at the pre-match meeting. “Furthermore, if the players start getting rough, they`ll get yellow cards after the first warning.”

Petrovsky Stadium is expecting more than 21,000 fans for the match, of which there will be about 120 Greek supporters, according to media reports. Thanks to that there are still tickets available for today`s match!

1,600 police officers and the regular number of stadium stewards will keep order at the match.

Currently it`s sunny and 10 degrees Celsius at Petrovsky Stadium.