Zenit-Fan team for the match with AEK

The Zenit players were led onto the field in today’s match against AEK in the Europa League Group G match by Zenit fans.

The team of little ones was chosen by Zenit footballers themselves as part of the next round of the team competition "In one team with Zenit". The children`s team will wear its own "Zenit-Fan" uniform onto the pitch, with the symbol of the young fan movement - a baby lion.

Any Zenit fan aged 6 to 10 can take part in the competition. To do so please send an application to the e-mail address: zenitfan@fc-zenit.ru. Please include a photograph of the child in a Zenit shirt, plus the child`s height (no greater than 130 cm), and a short description of why your child should take Zenit onto the field. Don`t forget mom or dad`s mobile phone number. Zenit-Fan children get free tickets to the match for themselves and their parents, as well as a t-shirt as a gift. Most importantly they get the chance to meet the Zenit players before the match.

The Zenit players were lead onto the field by:

Kirill Vashenko

Vasily Yatskov

Vika Salimyanova

Masha Chukhran

Natasha Kryukova

Nadar Smirnov

Kirill Nikolaev

Matvey Ivanov

Roma Yazykov

Kirill Schinov

Kirill Pimenov