Anatoly Davydov: “Zaitsev gets a big plus”

The head coach of Zenit`s youth team explained what the team did well and what it didn`t after the match with Nalchik-Y.

- Unfortunately, we didn`t show enough team spirit and team play, - Anatoly Davydov said about the match. – That`s why we made the rather early substitutions. In the end the younger guys who came onto the field as subs made more chances and played better than their more experienced teammates.

– So do you have in mind the episode when Pavel Shuvalov almost tied the score?
- Right. But for the youngest players matches like these help to get psyched for next year. I think we`ll put them on the field more often as the end of the season approaches. The more experienced guys will know that if you don`t put out, then there are other people ready to replace you, ready to show what they`re made of.

– What worked for the team today?
- It`s not easy to answer that question after losing. To some degree I would point out the defense and the halfbacks. And I would give a huge plus to Andrey Zaitsev. It was obvious that he`s really in charge in his own penalty box. I think Andrey should tell the backs what to do more often and even criticize them.