Andrey Zaitsev: “We had just as many chances to score”

After the match with Nalchik-Y the Zenit-Y goalkeeper looked very disappointed, but still managed to tell what happened in the goal scored against him. Moreover, in the goalkeeper`s opinion, Zenit had just as many chances to score as its opponent did.

It`s always disappointing to lose. All I can say in our defense is that we had a long flight here, and the field was very bumpy. If the field was more flat then we would have been able to play much faster on offense. But it didn`t work here.

– What happened in the episode that led to Nalchik`s goal?
- They had a free kick and made a pass into the penalty box. From there they headed right by me from a short distance.

– Besides that moment, Nalchik had several other chances to score to, but you blocked their threats each time…
- Honestly, I didn`t count how many chances Nalchik had to score. Maybe I had to really step into the game a few times. But I think we definitely had just as many chances to score.