Zenit players see the good, bad and ugly in Euro qualifying

Some Zenit players had fortune on their side in Friday’s Euro 2012 qualifiers, while others did not…


In Armenia the Slovakian national team had a sensational loss to the hosts 1:3. The former Zenit player Sarkis Ovsepyan led the Armenian side to their surprise victory. Zenit fullback Tomas Hubocan played the whole match on the bench for Slovakia and couldn’t help his teammates. On the other hand Nicolas Lombaerts, the Zenit and Belgian national team fullback, led his Belgian side to a confident victory on the road in Kazakhstan by a score of 2:0. Zenit’s center full played the whole match, bring fortune to his team.

The matches played by Belarus and Serbia both had sensational outcomes. Belarus, together with Zenit goalkeeper Yury Zhevnov between the sticks, played out a 0-0 draw to Luxembourg, while Serbia lost at home to Estonia 1:3. Unfortunately for the Serbian side, Zenit fullback Aleksandar Lukovic, who played the whole game, scored an own-goal, and Zenit forward Danko Lazovic missed a good chance to score in the 12th minute.

The misfortunes of Zenit players in the Belarus and Serbian sides forced lady luck to shine on Zenit’s players in the Russian national team. The Zenit stars Alexander Anyukov, Konstantin Zyryanov, Roman Shirokov, Igor Denisov, and Alexander Kerzhakov all started for Russia, and had parts in all three of Russia’s goals in its 3-2 win over Ireland. Kerzhakov and Shirokov scored one goal each, and Anyukov had two assists.

The national sides of Portugal and Denmark finished the night in Porto, although neither Zenit halfback Miguel Danny nor Zenit fullback Bruno Alves played for the hosts. Zenit fullback Michael Lumb wasn’t included in the Danish side.

Zenit footballers will next play for their national sides on Tuesday, September 12.