A night in blue-white-light blue colors

Late this evening Zenit players will play for their national sides in Euro 2012 qualifiers.


The most interesting match of the night for Russian fans will start at 22.30 (St. Petersburg time): Macedonia will host Russia. The former Zenit player Velice Sumulikoski may play for the Macedonian side, while the Russian side will include eight blue-white-light blue players – Vyacheslav Malafeev, Alexander Anyukov, Konstantin Zyryanov, Vladimir Bystrov, Roman Shirokov, Igor Denisov, Alexander Bukharov, and Alexander Kerzhakov.

At the same time as Russia is playing there will also be a match between Russia`s main opponents in its qualification group: Slovakia - Ireland. The Zenit fullback Tomas Hubocan may play for the Slovaks.

At 22.45 Belgium will take on Austria in Brussels. Zenit fullback Nicolas Lombaerts will play for the Belgian side.

At 22.50 in Italy one of the most interesting matches of the night will kick off, as the Italian national team takes on Serbia. The Serbian side may feature Danko Lazovic and Aleksandar Lukovic, both Zenit players.

At a quarter to midnight (Petersburg time) in Iceland the local side will play with another “Zenit” team – the Portuguese national team. Two Zenit players – Miguel Danny and Bruno Alves – are currently in Reykjavik to represent Portugal.