Zenit plants trees at Petrovsky

As part of the 85th anniversary celebrations of FC Zenit and Petrovsky Stadium, the club planted “Petrovsky Lane” outside the stadium.

On a sunny weekday morning one can see an unusually large group of people along the lake between the main and small arenas of Petrovsky Stadium. There are blue-white-light blue balloons, music, and a lot of well-known faces to the city of St. Petersburg.

– We`re not just here for nothing, we`ve got an important mission, – smiles Maxim Kanunnikov, one of Zenit`s forwards. – We`re going to plant a whole lane of linden trees – Petrovsky Lane. I think it`ll be great! I get to plant a tree for the first time in my life. And I can admit that I`m nervous.

After the official part of the program – introducing the participants and explaining what should happen, – the Zenit stars went to the edge of the lake. – I`m from a working family, so this is typical work for me – smiles Zenit-Y`s head coach Anatoly Davydov, holding the shovel confidently.

"I think I`m doing it right, – Mikhail Biryukov compared his work with that of Davydov. – Just in general, planting trees is sacral. You have to use your soul to do it. – Ya, you sure do, – said Mikhail Boyarsky. – I`m going to look after my linden. When I come to each match I`m going to check on my tree, to make sure it`s alright. But I think it will live for sure, because it`s got a blue-white-light blue ribbon on it, and these colors give life!

Stanislav Matyash, Vladislav Radimov, Tatyana Bulanova, Eduard Khil, and Stanislav Zavidonov all planted trees as well. Petrovsky Lane at Petrovsky Stadium has about 40 trees altogether.