Aleksandar Lukovic: “It`s going to be a fight!”

Our team`s Serbian defender gave his view of the situation at the Italy-Serbia Euro 2012 match in Genoa, and said that the match with Amkar is one of the most important in the Premier League season.


– I think that after the national team matches, the most important thing now is that all came back healthy and in a good mood, – said Lukovic. – I hope we`ll win on Saturday. I think the match with Amkar is one of the most important of the whole season.

– Tomas Hubocan has too many yellow cards, so he`s disqualified for this match. Are you the player who will most likely replace Tomas at left back?

– Ya, I think so too. I think I`m in good form now. I hope I`ll play well.

– You don`t know too much about Amkar, but over your career you`ve faced teams in danger of being relegated.

– Ya. It`s hard to play against such opponents. They want to achieve results more than anyone, and now they need points to escape the first division. So it`s going to be a fight. They`re coming here to defend. I think it will be really important to score an early goal. It`s important to give 100% and to focus on the match.

– So, after a few days have gone by, tell us what happened in the Italy-Serbia match?

– We discussed the situation together with the team after the match and decided not to say anything to the press. You know, it`s a really delicate situation. It`s not out of the question that there could be problems in the country because of what we say. But we have families. It`s possible that Serbia will be disqualified from the European Cup this time. We`ll wait for the UEFA verdict on October 28th. I can only say one thing: we came to play football. Let this situation be a lesson to fans from other countries. And I really beg the press – enough about that. Let`s talk more about Amkar tomorrow, ok?