Nikita Bocharov: “The game went the way we wanted it to”

The youth team halfback shared his impressions from Zenit-Y`s victory and explained what Davydov told the team to do before the match.

– All the guys are in a good mood now, – said Nikita. – We did what we had to do, we won. We won by a pretty good score of 3:0, despite the fact that our opponent had a lot of players from the main squad. We got through their onslaught and won.

– Did the weather play a factor? It got really cold really fast today in Petersburg, and there was snow in the morning.

– A little. It was cool, but we were running around the field, so we warmed up quickly.

– What does the goalie say about this weather after the match?

– (Laughs.) I don`t know, I didn`t ask him. I think he talks about the weather more during the match… (smiles).

– What did the coach tell the team before the game today?

– That we had to score a quick goal, which we basically did. After that our play got better and better, and as a result we scored two more goals. We can definitely say that the match went the way we wanted it to.