Roman Shirokov: “We didn`t have to run around like mad”

The Zenit halfback who scored yet another confident penalty kick admitted after the match that he knew which way the goalkeeper would jump.

– I got really good feelings from the match, – said Shirokov. – We let Amkar play football for only the first eight minutes, then they couldn`t do anything on the field. And their goalkeeper started wasting time from the tenth minute. I don`t know what he was expecting.

– When Zenit got a two man advantage the team relaxed. It looked like the team was just kicking the ball around.

– That`s what we needed. We`re going to be playing every third or fourth day for the next two months. So we were right not to run around like mad today.

– When you took the penalty kick, did you know ahead of time where you would kick it?

– Basically, when I put the ball down, I knew already where the goalie would jump.

– In Skopje you said that you believed that Akinfeev would stop Macedonia`s penalty kick. Did you believe today that you would score when you went to take the penalty kick?

– No, I came up and didn`t believe. I thought I`d miss. Of course I believed! Why would I go take it, if I wasn`t sure of myself?