Yury Zhevnov: “We used our chances”

The blue-white-light blue goalkeeper, who had a shutout against Amkar, told us his impressions from the showdown with Amkar.

– Was it unexpected for you that the coach asked you to start today`s match?

– Not for me, no. I found out that I would start today two hours before the match.

– The opponent attacked over the first ten minutes. Were you afraid that they might have a chance to score? Were you afraid to let your team down?

– No, I wasn`t scared. Amkar looked good before their player was sent off, but then the match got a lot harder for them. We managed to beat them thanks to our teamwork: we used our chances, and were able to score. It was hard for Amkar, they lost two players after all…

– What do you think about the way Amkar played?

– Amkar looked alright, they`ve got good organization. They started the game well. They had to win, they need points. But we`ve got the same goals too!

– Are you ready to play goalkeeper in the coming matches as well?

– The head coach will decide that. I`m always ready.