FARE action week in Zenit

Another FARE (Footballers Against Racism in Europe) Action Week against racism and for supporting tolerance has started in St. Petersburg.

Starting from October 16th our club is conducting a whole series of events to support tolerance and the fight against racism. The main audience for the week is schoolchildren, thus most of the week’s events are held in schools.

Groups of schoolchildren who are taking part in the club’s drawing contest and the “Show a red card to racism” event got to watch the Zenit match vs. Amkar at Petrovsky Stadium. FC Zenit gave the children seats on one of the best sectors at the best stadium in the world, and also gave the children t-shirts from the “Zenit-fan” children’s program.

The next events will take place in one of St. Petersburg’s gymnasiums. Footballers of various nationalities from Zenit’s youth team will talk to the schoolchildren about football, practices, and their hobbies, and then everyone together will take part in the “Show a red card to racism” event.

Together with students of the pedagogical university St. Petersburg, a drawing competition on the theme “Football unites people” will take place on October 22nd in the Gymanisum of Economics and Law. The future teachers have prepared a special story for the young children on nationalities, cultural particularities, and the unification of society. Then the children will draw pictures of the emotions they get from football under the leadership of the university students. Zenit players will take part together with the students.

The future journalists from School 213 in St. Petersburg are preparing a special school newspaper on the fight with racism: the main materials of the issue are texts which the children will write together with Zenit main side players at Zenit’s practice facility in Udelny Park on October 26th. The children expect that the materials will make the school’s newspaper more emotional and full of examples. This week is a part of the anti-racism events that Zenit conducts regularly. The current week is the 11th Week of Action held by FARE against racism and discrimination in 40 different European countries.