Yury Zhevnov: “It wasn’t hard for me”

Our team’s goalkeeper noted after the match with Hajduk that he believed in victory from the first seconds of the match, and he admitted that the Croatians didn’t gave him much trouble.

– After the first goal there was still pressure, of course, – said Yury Zhevnov. – But there was nothing extremely dangerous from the opponent. We were always sure about victory: both before and after our first goal.

– When did you find out that you would be starting in the match today?

– I found out two hours before the match. At the pre-game talk, as usual.

– Today`s victory basically guarantees that Zenit will make it to the next round?

– I don`t feel that we`re already out of the group. I think that Zenit will win its remaining matches as well. That`s the way Spalletti gets us ready for each match.

– When analyzing the match with Hajduk before it started, what did you focus on the most?

– We didn`t talk about any one thing in particular, we talked about a couple of people to look out for in their team. For example, the opponent`s number ten.

– How good was Hajduk?

– Hajduk is a good team. They had a couple of dangerous chances, but they couldn`t take advantage of them.

– Zenit controlled the match in the first half. Is it hard for the goalkeeper not to lose concentration in these situations?

– No. It wasn`t hard for me.

– You made an incredible save at the end of the match!

– Ya right, there was nothing special about that episode. The ball was flying into the goal, and good thing it wasn`t going right in the corner. I had time to react, and I did that.

– It will probably be harder in Croatia.

– I don`t know. Nobody can say if it will be harder or not.