Andrey Zaitsev: "Our whole team played well”

The youth team goalie, who was especially complimented by Anatoly Davydov, the team`s coach, talked about the meeting with Anzhi-Y.

– Overall, in my opinion, the whole team played pretty well, – said Andrey Zaitsev. – We were firm in defense, and we scored two goals on offense. I would say that all of our guys are real fighters. We needed the win, and we were all really psyched for the match.

– In the middle of the second half Anzhi-Y had a one-on-one that you were able to stop. Was is it intuition, or did you see what the opponent was doing?

– I was playing more intuitively, and I guessed how they were going to take their chance. I wouldn`t say that the opponent was attacking really hard. I wouldn`t say that they played a lot better than us.

– It`s obvious that the team wants to get the best possible result in the youth league.

– Ya, we`re going to fight to keep our title. We know that Spartak was able to get points from Sibir, so we couldn`t afford to lose points against Anzhi. And of course we can`t lose points on Tuesday, when we play Spartak face to face.