Nikita Bocharov: “We had trouble breathing”

Zenit-Y’s halfback noted the importance of play in the center of the field for getting results, and said that it`s easier to fix mistakes after winning.

– I think that this match was so difficult for us because of the climate. It`s really warm here, – says Nikita Bocharov. – We came from a northern city. At some point, I`m judging by own situation, we had trouble breathing, and Anzhi took the initiative. They changed the game, and in the end the match was very hard for us.

– You started really aggressively, and had the first two shots on goal.

– I felt good at the start, and I wanted to play like that even longer, but again, by the 25th minute I was out of wind and couldn`t catch up to the opponent. But then I seemed to get a second wind. They started outplaying us in the center, and we had some problems.

– Was the victory deserved?

– The scoreboard said 2:0, but that wasn`t a fair result. We`ll talk more about what happened at practice. It`s always easier to analyze your mistakes and fix them after you win!