Miguel Danny: “We’ll make up for it in the match with Spartak”

The author of two goals against Anzhi shared his impressions of the match in Makhachkala with “Our Zenit” newspaper.

– You scored two beautiful goals. Do they stick out in your memory?

– Even if I didn’t score those goals, but our team won the match, that would be more important. Unfortunately, we only got a tie, so I don’t feel happy at all about the result. It’s hard for us, because we lost two points after having lead in the match 3:1. But there’s no reason to drop our heads down. We’re still in first place in the standings, so the whole battle for the championship is still ahead of us.

– The team’s victory is more important than individual success. Nonetheless, didn’t you like your beautiful second goal against Anzhi?

– Let me say again, I’m disappointed with the match result. Of course I liked the two episodes when I scored. It’s true that both times everything looked really good. But in any case, the team’s success is always more important to me than anything else. Next we have a match against Spartak, and I hope we’ll be able to make up for the match with Anzhi in that game.

– So it turns out that even on a field like that a player with good skills can make a masterpiece?

– It’s true that the field was not in good form. Nevertheless we were able to control the ball quite well. We controlled the match for almost the entire 90 minutes. Ya, of course it was hard to execute certain plays. But the field wasn’t the reason why we lost two points.

– What exactly happened at the end of the match?

– Everybody saw perfectly well that we could have scored a fourth and a fifth goal when the score was 3:1. The hosts managed to gain control of the match only in the last 10 minutes thanks to their emotions. Of course they played very well. But we showed high class football for almost the whole match, and I think our fans liked our style of play.

– Before the match there was a lot of talk about the atmosphere in the stadium in Makhachkala, where Spartak Moscow and its fans had a lot of problems. What did you think about the situation at the stadium?

– I think the whole match came off great. I didn’t feel any aggression in the stands. The fans did a good job supporting their teams, and I think was thanks to Anzhi’s fans that the team was able to come back in the match. They played their own national music, which makes the atmosphere interesting. They did throw paper balls onto the field after they scored the tying goal. But there’s nothing wrong with that. I understand that the fans’ emotions got the better of them.