Anatoly Davydov: “The guys showed their teeth”

Zenit-Y`s head coach commented on his team`s play after its loss to Spartak-Y.


– The score on the board is the result of individual mistakes by our players, – said Anatoly Davydov. – The penalty, the second goal, came because it was real easy for Spartak to get by our central defender. But if we talk about the game in general, I can say that I liked the match. Both teams played very adult football. Our players were more goal-oriented, and better focused. Spartak plays its own game, and we were able to disrupt that. And we had chances to score! Kanunnikov, and Matyash, and Bocharov all had chances to score.

– What did you say to the guys in the locker room? Now it`s not so clear that Zenit-Y will win the youth league this year…

– It`s not so clear… But that`s not the main thing! The most important thing is to make our players into good footballers, to reveal their talent. Fighting for the championship… Well we can`t lost every match now. The players have to get used to long seasons, to using their endurance. They have to be ready for the tasks that they`ll have to face in adult football. I told the guys that they played well, as well as our opponent. A couple of players, I should say, weren`t completely ready for the match, and didn`t get over the hump.

– Drincic and Sabitov played for Spartak today… Were you surprised by that?

– Not at all! We expected things to go like that. Our guys weren`t afraid of them, at least I didn`t see that.

– What will be most important before playing with Alaniya – to recuperate physically or mentally?

– Both. I think we`ll focus more on the psychological aspect. But we`ll manage. We`ve got to.