Sergey Petrov: “We didn’t write those mistakes into the match script”

Zenit-Y’s halfback commented on the result of the match at Spartak’s Academy, as well as on his yellow card and the team’s prospects.

– In the first half the penalty kick ruined everything. We lost our momentum immediately, – Sergey Petrov explained. In the second half we got back to the status quo, had an advantage, but then made another series of stupid mistakes followed by a goal.

– You got a yellow card at the very start of the match. It looked like one of the two of you lost his temper…

– There was nothing there at all! I slid together with the Spartak player, and the one who reaches the ball first is right. I got to the ball late, and hit the player and the ball. But it wasn’t rough at all. It was a foul, but they don’t give yellow cards for that.

– Did the fact that Spartak used experienced players from their main squad, like Sabitov and Drincic, have an effect on the game?

– No, not really. We’ve already played against teams that send down their main side players to play against us. We’re used to playing against more experienced footballers. In general, the match went the way we wanted it to. But we didn’t write those mistakes into the match script.

– What did the team lack in the final stage? You had some great chances…

– We had to score, with a cool head. Kanunnikov couldn’t score (pounding Kanunnikov on the back. – Author), and Matyash can’t figure out what happened when he missed from ten yards out…

– Did you discuss the team’s prospects in the locker room?

– The main thing is to keep playing and keep making progress. In that case everything will be fine.