Zenit and M.Video: One team!

A press conference was held today in St. Petersburg to present Zenit`s new premium partner: M.Video.

FC Zenit signed a partnership agreement with the M.Video electronic goods and home appliances chain for three years. The agreement calls for active cooperation in advertising campaigns by both companies.

Dmitry Mankin, Zenit`s commerical director, opened the press conference by explaining the priorities set by the agreement: the two partners plan to work with fans, and to hold a number of mutual events. Mankin also underlined the importance of two leaders working together.

– Like in many other countries, football is the most popular sport in Russia, – noted Mankin. – About 46 million people in Russia watch football. Presently Zenit is the most popular football club in Russia. The club has about 12.5 million fans. But that`s many times more than any other Russian club, so we are the leader on this market. And we`re happy that M.Video, the leader on the Russian electronic goods retail market, has chosen us.

Steve Louis, M.Video`s director of retail sales, pardoned his Russian and thanked Dmitry Malkin in turn for choosing M.Video as a partner, and admitted that he`s a big football fan himself.

– We`re really satisfied to be a partner of Zenit, – Steve Louis began. – As a brand we are very loyal to St. Petersburg, and I think that there`s nothing better than to show our loyalty to St. Petersburg than through our partnership with Zenit. Nothing brings people together like sports. I think that we`ll have success after success together.