Against Spartak in the home kit!

Zenit will play today`s match in Luzhniki in its light blue kit.

The pre-match meeting of representatives of the two teams, the Russian Football Union, and the Russian Football Premier League on today`s match between our club and Spartak has finished.

Zenit will play today`s match in its home kit: light blue shirts and shorts for the field players, and a completely black uniform for the goalie.

The home side will play in red shirts and white shorts, while Spartak`s goalkeeper will play in grey.

According to the home team, about 35,000 fans are expected at the match. Presently about 20,000 tickets have been sold. About 6,000 Zenit fans are expected in Luzhniki.

Particular attention was paid at the pre-match meeting to fan safety: altogether 2,567 law enforcement officers will serve the match in Luzhniki, of which 1,500 will be employees of the Russian Ministry of Defense.