Luciano Spalletti: “Spartak is more disappointed that it`s trailing us, than it is happy that it beat us”

FC Zenit`s head coach talked with journalists as part of his traditional briefing in the club`s Udelny Park training facility before the match with Alania.

– You can take useful lessons from any any match, – said Luciano Spalletti. – The result is one thing, but you can take lessons from everything. We analyze the match even after we win big. If the result isn`t positive for us, then we were scored on, and we have to look at that episode more deeply.

– How is Vyacheslav Malafeev doing?

– I haven`t been to talk to the doctors since the injury. He felt pain in the back of his knee at practice. If Malafeev doesn`t feel better by the match with Alania then Borodin will be the second keeper.

– What kind of fine will Igor Denisov have to pay?

– Why should he be punished.

– For jumping at Karpin.

– We know Igor`s temperament very well. He`s always very aggressive on the field, he always tries to find passion, to play from the soul. Denisov reacted the way he did because he was born that way. Karpin stood on the side of the field any commented on all the situations on the field for the whole match. Maybe Denisov was upset with the result, and considering his nature, I want to look at his qualities in a positive light. These are important qualities for a person who plays his position. I was in the center of it all, trying to calm people down. But when everything calmed down, the only person who raised his hand was the masseuse or physiotherapist of Spartak, who hit our colleague Igor Simutenkov. We lost the match in the last minutes, so our emotion is understandable. But we were there, calming the players down. But the team that wins should control those things. They showed by their behavior that they`re not satisfied with the result, that they`re more than ten points behind us in the standings.

– Losing five points from two matches in a row – is that a temporary thing?

– We`ll see on the field what happens. The difference in the standings didn`t change much. Our competitors lost points too. I`m completely calm and confident. I saw my players on the field and this morning at practice. They were disappointed. But I see that our team is ready to achieve its goals.

– The team met with Alexey Miller on the eve of the match with Spartak. Did you have similar meetings with the club president when you were the Roma coach?

– That`s normal when team presidents come to visit their players in the locker room. The meeting was explainable – we came to Moscow, talked with Miller, saw how our club lives, what Zenit`s reality is at the moment. That`s important. I think it`s important that we went there.