Zenit in azure, Hajduk in white

The pre-match meeting of UEFA and club representatives about today’s match at Poljud Stadium has finished.

Zenit will play in its azure uniforms, and our goalkeeper will wear a grey sweater, black shorts, and black socks. Hajduk will come onto the Hajduk pitch in white, and their keeper will be in all yellow.

About 25,000 local fans are expected at the match, while about 250–300 people are expected to support Zenit at the match. The total stadium capacity is 33,500, which means the stadium won’t be full for the match.

Absolutely all the policemen in the whole city of Split will be working at the stadium to ensure safety. There will be 460 stewards working at the match itself.

The teams will enter the pitch at 9 p.m. local time, in other words at 23.00 in St. Petersburg. The starting whistle will come five minutes later.

Presently it is 20 degrees above zero and sunny in Split.