Aleksandar Lukovic: “For me the match was more than just football”

The blue-white-sky blue defender admitted that he`s not very satisfied with how he played, and talked about the mood the team had when it came to Split, and the mood it has now going to Novosibirsk.


– The match with Hajduk was really amazing, – said Aleksandar Lukovic. – For me personally this match was more than just a usual game. It was more than just football. The most important thing is that we won. We played 60 excellent minutes, which brought us victory and first place in our group. And based on the result of the other match in our group, first place is ours for good now. Getting to the spring stage of the Euro League is a big achievement for us right now.

– What was the most difficult part of the match for you?

– When we allowed the second goal of course. And there were still ten minutes to play until the end. There were a lot of crosses, and clearances. After 3:0 we shouldn`t have let our opponent make the game so interesting. But the whole team is guilty of the two goals that were scored, and we had to suffer over the last ten minutes for that.

– They say it`s hard for defenders to play when their partners in defense change all the time.

– Well, for me that`s not a problem. A lot of guys in our team can play various positions. I played in Split both on the wing and in central defense. I tried to play well right till the end. But the fact that I didn`t go through the pre-season conditioning with the team has an affect on how I play. I think I`ll play better in the spring than I`m playing now.

– The wing and central defense – where do you like playing more?

– On the wing, of course! I love to move forward on attack, and to cross to the strikers. I like to play on the left wing more.

– What did Spalletti say in the locker room after the match?

– He congratulated everyone with a good match. But I`m not really satisfied with how the game went. I`m not satisfied that we let two goals in. After 3:0 the game should have ended in a shutout, without any questions about the result in the end.

– The team will have to go to Novosibirsk very soon, for another Russian Premier League match.

– I hope we can win there too. We have good chances to win the Russian Premier League before the end of the season, and nobody is thinking right now about being tired. I hope we`ll play well in Siberia and that will have a great victory. Over the next 7-10 days we`re playing for everything we`ve played for all season long. And we have to play in these games at the peak of our ability.