Bruno Alves: “We`ll check what we did wrong”

The blue-white-sky blue defender assessed the match with Sibir, found a parallel between the matches of Zenit`s youth and main sides, and noted that even when the score was 0:2 he had no doubt that Zenit would win.

– We knew that we would have a difficult match, – said Bruno Alves. – Obviously, Sibir is in a very difficult situation at the bottom of the standings. But we knew that we needed to win this match no matter what. After having let in two goals in the first five minutes, we turned the match over upside down. Everybody knows how hard it is to do that, and every player who was on the field deserves our applause. After we managed to tie the score, we had a few chances to go ahead before halftime, but we did that in the second half. But even so, there`s no way we can let in such goals at the beginning of the match.

– What happened with the first goal, and why didn`t the offside trap work?

– The opponent made a cross, and it went for a throw-in, which they took very quickly. Sibir played well, and their forwards had excellent movement. But we`re a good enough team that we shouldn`t allow goals like that. We`ll take a look at what happened on video and figure out what we did wrong, so that we don`t let that kind of thing happen again.

– What were you thinking about when the score was 0:2? We`re you thinking what happened?

– No, of course not (laughs). Maybe, that`s what we should have been thinking, in order to double our effort, and destroy the opponent. We got the result we wanted in the end - victory. We need to win as many games as possible, so as to win the championship as soon as possible.

– Did you know that Zenit`s youth side came back from a 0:2 score yesterday as well?

– Of course! They had a more difficult situation though: after they tied the score once, they fell behind again. I congratulate them on their strong character. In the end they still got a point, and they earned it. Our games were similar in the way we showed our character. It`s hard to explain such a coincidence. Probably it`s a sign that some kind of ghost was with us (smiles). But I`m sure that the results came from our courage and leadership.