Igor Kriueshenko: “Zenit, naturally, was top-class”

Sibir’s coach noted his team's lack of concentration starting from the 60th minute of the match, and explained why he put Kovalevsky in goal.

– I can say this: the key moment was that we let them get the first two goals back so quickly and tie the score. And probably that’s the same failure as in the match with Dynamo, in the 60th minute. Then we let two goals in, and today we let three in. That's due to poor concentration, probably. Our opponent obviously was higher class. They execute well, and it was hard for us to defend.

– If the team is relegated from the Premier League, who will stay?

– It’s too early for that question. We have to sit down and talk with the management. That’s a common decision, and everything depends on the club’s possibilities and goals.

– Why did Kovalevsky play?

– That’s the decision we took.

– Do you think that was the right decision?

– In a game like today, no matter who you put out there, the result will be the same.

– Can you say that today’s game was a reflection of Sibir’s season in general?

– We made an impression in the Premier League, and played in the Europa League. Maybe today’s match was a reflection of our whole season – we started out well, then failed.