Alessandro Rosina: “It definitely won’t be easy for our opponent”

The blue-white-light blue halfback denied the idea that the team is already thinking about how to celebrate its championship, and noted that the match with CSKA will be very difficult.

– The match is going to be very rough, very hard, – Alessandro Rosina believes. – It won’t be easy for anyone, anywhere on the field. Zenit is playing well, and it won’t be easy for our opponent. This match is really important for us, and we have to get points. And we also have to keep in mind how important this match is for our fans at Petrovsky Stadium.

– Are you thinking about what will take place at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, after the match?

– No, not at all! If we think that way, then we’ll make the biggest mistake you can make. We’re only thinking about how to beat CSKA and to earn another three points in a regular match. Of course it’s the end of the year now, but again, we need to win just another match in the calendar, and that’s what we’re preparing for. It’s going to be a hard match against a tough opponent… We’ll play the match and see what happens next (smiles).