Leonid Slutsky: “Things didn`t go the way Zenit needed”

CSKA`s head coach admitted after the match at Petrovsky Stadium that his team`s first goal had a big effect on the outcome of the match, and noted the problems that led to Zenit’s loss tonight.

– Whoever scores first gets to dictate the tactics in the match, Leonid Slutsky began his press conference. So I`m really happy that we were able to score first and vary our tactics tonight. And later on… I`m pleased that we were able to take advantage of our chances.

– What kind of game did you expect from Zenit?

– I can say this: when you play under such pressure, when the match is the deciding match in essence, and you can become the champion, and deservingly so, that`s a really difficult situation psychologically. And the match started going poorly for Zenit, and Zenit was playing after lots of flights, and we played before that in Moscow and didn`t fly anywhere. A little bit of everything, but it adds up.

– Did your tactical plans work out?

– We have tactical plans for every match, we analyze every opponent and make a model of our own play. Some of our tactical plans worked today, others did not.

– The central press will write tomorrow that CSKA showed champion-quality football, and they`ll recall Zenit`s loss to Spartak as well. Zenit needs to get four points to become champion, while your team has a tougher schedule. What do you think about what the press says tomorrow?

– I`d be happy to change places with Zenit, so that we only needed four points to become champion, and let the press write whatever they want.