Nicolas Lombaerts: “Our fans are expecting a show”

The Zenit defender, who is finishing the season off strong, spoke after the practice before the match with CSKA about how important it is to win on Wednesday.

– This is the deciding game for us, – said Nicolas Lombaerts. – We`re playing at our home stadium, where our fans are expecting a real show from us. Of course they`re expecting us to win. We`ve earned the right to be champions, we`ve shown a lot of qualities over the course of the year, and we need to demonstrate everything we`re capable of on Wednesday.

– How would you compare the mood now to the mood before the match with Saturn three years ago when Zenit last won the league?

– There was a lot of pressure on us then, because it was our last match of the season, and we had to win the game to become champions. This time we don`t have so much pressure. But we worked all year to get where we are now. If we let go of the championship now, it will be the biggest disappointment of my life… That`s a dumb idea, how could I have thought of it? No, we just have to win, and not give the opponent any chances!

– Was the match in Siberia important for building such confidence?

– Everything is in our hands. I`m sure we`ll succeed. It`s especially important to beat a team from Moscow in the most important match (laughs). We all know that.