Alexander Anyukov: “The main thing is who’s first at the end of the season”

Despite defeat at the hands of CSKA, the team isn’t thinking about losing the championship said Zenit’s captain after the match at Petrovsky.

– It’s hard to catch up after allowing two goals in the first twenty minutes, especially against CSKA, – explained Anyukov. – Our own mistakes led to the loss. We lost the match.

– Was there pressure on the team from the fact that you could have won the championship today?

– I can’t say for sure, but I doubt it. We were playing at home, in front of our home fans… And we make those kinds of mistakes. It’s hard to say anything right now. We’re going to prepare for Rostov.

– Is it possible that Zenit might lose the championship?

– Again, we’re going to prepare for Rostov. We need to win, and we’ll see what happens from there.

– The team has allowed seven goals in the last three games…

– I think there’s too much attention on Zenit right now, so there’s a lot of statistics, including negative statistics. I think the important thing is the final result of the season, no matter how many goals we allow. We deserved to lose today. Everybody could see that.

– What did Spalletti say to the team at halftime?

– Nothing special. Just that we have to keep playing.

– Can we say that Zenit is unlucky at the end of the season?

– I don’t know.

– Was the field difficult today? It was pouring rain.

– The field is in good form. We just need to be more serious about choosing cleats.