Sergey Semak: “We didn’t score in time...”

The blue-white-sky blue halfback admitted in his post-match interview that Zenit played poorly.

– I think we need to compliment CSKA, – said Semak. – They played really well today. We couldn’t get our game going, and let our opponent score. We had a lot of chances, but we didn’t score in time, and it's hard to come back from a score of 0:2 or 0:3.

– Which of the two goals was the nail in the coffin, the first or the second?

– Most likely the second. It’s possible to come back from 0:1, but it’s much harder to come back from 0:2. Especially against such a team as CSKA, which knows how to defend.

– What happened in the episode with the second goal?

– I didn’t see myself what happened exactly. We just made a mistake, and gave up a second goal, which demoralized us.

– Can we say that Zenit’s players just wanted to win too much?

– It’s hard to say anything. We can say that CSKA played better today, that they had space for counterattacks. Vagner Love played really well, and scored an important goal for his team. Nothing suggested such an outcome at the beginning.

– Why did you give the opponent so much space for counterattacks?

– The result was dictated by the conditions: Vagner’s good shot, then our mistake, and the score was 0:2. Whether you want to or not, you have to go forward. Obviously there will be space for counterattacks.