Anatoly Davydov: “We didn’t have good teamwork”

Zenit`s youth team coach commented on his team`s play after their loss on the 28th matchday to Rostov.

– Everyone was really surprised when they saw Rostov`s starting lineup. They had several players from the club`s main squad…
– …They have a good school. Maybe in the second half we played a little better. We didn`t have good understanding between our forwards though. But we were just as good as our opponents, and stood up to them. And that`s a good thing.

– It looked like the same thing happened today with the reserve team as happened in the main squad`s match against CSKA: the guys wanted to win so badly that they just burned out.
– Maybe. I think our guys felt that there was something wrong with the forwards, and they couldn`t control the ball. There was a lack of understanding on the field, and too much individual play.

– But all the same, the main thing for the youth team isn`t it`s place in the standing, but rather to educate young players. Pavel Shuvalov played for the second match in a row. How would you describe this footballer?
– I think he came into the match well. At first he was afraid to take possession or to try and take on the other team, but I think he`s just young yet. In general Pavel looked good on the pitch. He`ll get better with time.