The champions help their national teams

Zenit players are taking part in friendly matches all around Europe on Wednesday night.


Yesterday the Russian national youth team defeated the French national youth team 1:0 in Le Mans. The Russian side featured Zenit-Y players Aslan Dudiev, who played the whole match, and Roland Gigolaev, who came on as a substitute towards the end of the match. Zenit-Y players Maxim Kannunikov and Basel Abdulfattakh were also present in the Russian youth side, but did not play in the match.

Zenit goalkeeper Yury Zhevnov went to Oman to play for the Belarusian national team. The match took place in the city of Muscat.

Russian’s national team is playing on Wednesday in Voronezh against the Belgian national team and Zenit defender Nicolas Lombaerts. The Russian side features the Zenit players Alexander Kerzhakov, Alexander Bukharov, Konstantin Zyryanov, and Roman Shirokov. The team will also be helped by Zenit masseuse Sergey Kolesnikov. The match in Voronezh starts at 19.00 St. Petersburg time.

Aleksandar Lukovic and Danko Lasovic can play for the Serbian national team today in their match against the Bulgarian national team in Sophia at 20.00.

The Portuguese national team will play a friendly against the current world champions, Spain, on Wednesday evening at Luz Stadium in Lisbon. Two of Luciano Spalletti’s players have been invited to the match: defender Bruno Alves and halfback Miguel Danny. This match will be the last of the day, and will start at midnight, St. Petersburg time.