Alexey Panfilov: “I'm happy about my debut, but losing hurts”

The Zenit-Y player, who had his first ever start for the team, told about how he felt playing on the main stadium of Rubin`s practice facility.

– I was really happy to be start the match, – Alexey Panfilov smiled. – I wanted to show myself, and I tried with all my might. Some things worked, some things didn`t. But I played alright for the first time, I`d say. Unfortunately, we weren`t able to win today`s match, and that hurts more, than being happy about starting.

– What was the team missing?
– We lost the ball a lot in the first half. Unfortunately, we let in a stupid goal. We had three defenders around the guy who scored. After the first half, when the score was 0:1, we managed to start controlling the match, but we didn`t have enough luck to change the score.

– You had a pretty good chance to score in the fifth minute…
– I got the ball, but let it get away from me a little, and then I wasn`t in a good position to shoot, so I decided to pass to Matyash instead. If I didn`t let the ball get away then I think we would have scored…