Alessandro Rosina: “People may be disappointed with the score, but not with our play”

The Zenit halfback, who came onto the field in the second half, think`s that Zenit had much better chances of winning the match in Kazan than Rubin did.

– After the first half of the match we were leading 1:0, and then we scored again, but we didn`t play so well at the back, and that`s what led to the final score of 2:2. The score might be disappointing, but I doubt people were disappointed with our play. Rubin does very well on free kicks, as they proved on their first goal. They got their second goal after we made a mistake on our counterattack… But mistakes are made to be fixed later on.

– But in any case it`s disappointing to get just a tie after leading the match for so long…
– Well ya… You know, those things happen in football. A lot of people that the team should relax after winning the championship. And that it should relax after leading the standings. But maybe we heard what people were saying, and somewhere in our subconscious we played the way people were expecting us to. But I want to repeat that we had better chances of winning than of not winning.

– So that means that the most important thing for Zenit right now is to play beautiful football, and forget about earning points?
– No! Our goal is always to get a good result while playing beautiful football. We want our fans to know that Zenit always plays for their satisfaction, and tries its best for them.