Szabolcs Huszti: “We lost two points”

The author of Zenit`s second goal against Rubin admitted on the way home to Petersburg that matches like the one in Kazan are very important both for the team and for the second-tier Zenit players.

– I`m a little bit disappointed, since we should have won the match, – says Szabolcs Huszti. – But Rubin was really active. Nonetheless, when the score was tied, we had more chances to win the match than our competitor did. I think we should have finished off the match more confidently earlier on, before the Kazan side scored from their direct kick. But that`s football: our goalkeeper saved us several times, and Kerzhakov`s goal was disallowed…

– Was it really important to gain points today? In essence Zenit was just serving as a judge in the battle between CSKA and Rubin for second place in the league…
– Are you serious? Judging by the expression on your face, I doubt it. We lost two points today. We wanted to increase our club record as much as possible. Today we gave players like, who don`t play so often, the chance to play. It`s important for me, Rosina, and Meira, for example, to play the remaining matches in such a way so that nobody can have any questions about whether we are trying to make it into the starting side or not. We want to prove it, not just talk about it in the press. We`re no worse than the guys who play more often, and we want to prove that. So matches like the one with Rubin are really important.

– And it`s really important to support your championship title.
– Of course! We proved that we deserve the title. And even though they played the most important match of their season, we didn`t allow them to win. You know, Barcelona played for a tie in Kazan, and other super teams lost points there too. So a tie, no matter what I said before, is a real result. And I hope that in the next matches those guys who don`t get to play so much will be able to prove that we`ve earned the right to play, to be in Petersburg, to play for Zenit.