Viktor Fazyzulin: “We wanted to win”

The author of the first goal in the Rubin-Zenit match noted after the match that his team had all the chances to win, and that the distribution of teams in the 2010 Russian League standings is more than fair.

– The hardest part of the game was in the first 20 minutes of the second half, – admitted Viktor Fayzulin. – We started to lose control of the game, and the other team had a lot of chances to score against us. And we had to have 200 percent concentration in each episode not to allow a goal. Furthermore, after halftime, we changed our strategy somewhat, and started playing with one outside fullback and two central fullbacks. And the change in strategy had an effect on us as well.

– Did you want to play more conservatively at the end of the second half in order to keep your tie?
– As for me, definitely not! I really wanted to win, and a tie for us was not a very good result today. We really wanted to win. We got a lot of satisfaction from today`s game, and we wanted this to give us three points.

– How do you rate the almost final league standings?
– The first three places are the way they should be: we`re far ahead, then CSKA and Rubin. The teams with the least number of points are relegated, and that`s only fair as well.