Miguel Danny: “I set myself the goal of scoring 15 goals”

“Spalletti tried to teach the team his way of understanding football, and the players caught on to it right away. We had an excellent preseason, and worked a lot on our physical conditioning. That training had its fruits throughout the season. Of course, we got lucky sometimes too. And we also had the winner`s spirit this year — we really worked as a team!

I finished my first season in Zenit with ten goals, but five of them were scored when I was still part of Dynamo. When Spalletti I came I got more chances to go forward on the pitch, to be closer to the opponent`s goal. This year I gave myself the goal of scoring 15. But in the end I was only able to score ten again. Maybe it`s not a large number, but I`m consistent!” — said Danny in an interview with “Smena” newspaper.