Zenit in the Ice Palace: the team and its friends

Zenit`s celebration party in the Ice Palace on December 2 will feature the team`s players, coaching staff, and Zenit fans, as well as St. Petersburg`s most famous musical groups.


We`re positive that the Ice Palace will congratulate Luciano Spalletti, Daniele Baldini, Marco Domenichini, Igor Simutenkov, Nikolay Vorobyov, Mikhail Biryukov, Alberto Bartali, and Vladislav Radimov.

We know that the stands in the arena will shake with applause for Vyacheslav Malafeev, Yury Zhevnov, Dmitry Borodin, Alexander Anyukov, Bruno Alves, Ivica Krizanac, Fernando Meira, Nicolas Lombaerts, Tomas Hubocan, Aleksandar Lukovic, Miguel Danny, Roman Shirokov, Alessandro Rosina, Konstantin Zyryanov, Viktor Fayzulin, Szabolcs Huszti, Sergey Semak, Igor Denisov, Vladimir Bystrov, Danko Lazovic, Alexander Bukharov, Maxim Kannunikov, and Alexander Kerzhakov.

We have no doubt that Zenit`s youth team players will get the attention they deserve as well.

We promise that besides the famous musical bands Alisa, Korol I Shut, Splin, Yu-Piter, and Maxim Leonidov, as well as the event MC`s Mikhail Shats and Dmitry Nagiev, there will also be one other famous Petersburg group that has cheered for Zenit for many years, and isn`t afraid to talk about that.

We want the celebration of Zenit`s best-ever Russian season in the history of the club to be full of positive energy, and that this energy will last for at least one a half years – until the end of the next Russian season.

We are Zenit! Are you with us?