German Zonin: “I have to give credit to Zenit`s Sporting Director Igor Korneyev”

German Zonin, a famous coach of Zenit and the USSR national team in the past, believes that the Petersburg club trails only a few clubs in Europe. He also gave credit to Igor Korneyev, Zenit’s sporting director.

I would say that Zenit trails very few teams in Europe — only the grands of Italy, Spain, and England. But, for example, Real Madrid or Chelsea work a lot more than one year on creating their super clubs. Zenit too is making gradual progress, step-by-step as they say. I remember I was given a strategic task back in the day: Zenit had to have 90% of its players from Leningrad. Now we have much bigger possibilities. There are a lot of qualified foreigners playing for the team, as well as strong Russian players. We need to give credit to Igor Korneyev: all the players he's found have made a real contribution to the team,” Zonin said.