Alexander Tarkhanov: “Zenit is a smart, organized team”

The head coach of Krylya Sovetov, which kept its space in the Russian league for next season, shared his impressions of the match with Russia’s 2010 champions.

– I want to congratulate Zenit with its victory in the championship, – said Alexander Tarkhanov. – Your team deserved to win. Both teams looked worthy today. We played with the champion, and it’s always tough to play here. Zenit is a smart and organized team. We had problems in the first half today. When you play to survive it's very hard to play well, because you can't lose. We adapted better in the second half of the match and gained control. A tie is a just end to the season for us.

– You complimented Anton Sosin this season. Would you like him to stay in the team?
– If Zenit gives him to us, we’ll be happy to take him.

– Why did you substitute two of your players?
– The wingers weren’t playing well, and we made a substitution to strengthen the wings.

– Did you know the results of the matches that your competitors at the same time as your match was going on at Petrovsky?
– We could see the scoreboard in front of us, watched it, followed the scores, worried.

– Would you have kept your job as the head coach of Krylya Sovetov if you had fallen out of the Premier League?
– I have a two-year contract, and I would have remained as the coach whatever the result.