Aslan Dudiev: “Everything worked today”

Zenit-Y`s defender talked about the youth team`s bronze match, about what impressions he had from the season, and what he felt while working with Zenit` main side.

– Today we were able to do everything we wanted, – said Aslan Dudiev. – We were able to make lots of scoring opportunities despite the weather. I was happy that I was able to give an assist to Stanislav Matyash, who put the ball in the net.

– What impression do you have from your first season in Zenit`s youth team?
– The season went well for me, not counting the months when I couldn`t play because of injury. Overall everything went well for me. Even Luciano Spalletti said that I started playing better at the end of the season, and said it`s obvious that I worked with the main side. It felt good to hear his opinion.

– You took the captain`s armbank when Andrey Zaitsev left the field. Did you decide ahead of time that you would be captain?
– No, I just happened to be next to Andrey (smiles). I`m not being modest, that`s just the way it was (smiles). Even though I became captain, nothing changed. I didn`t get to put on the crown (smiles) .

– Is the bronze medal a good result for the team this season?
– Of course the bronze medals are good. But it`s still unfortunate, because we could have gotten first place. Nobody played better than us, but we were unlucky at times. I`m sure we`ll play better next season.

– After a long absence you came back onto the field at the end of the season. Did you manage to get back into optimal form?
– Ya, it was good that I got back into form quickly, and recuperate fast. But I break easily too (smiles) .

– You went to the match in Kazan with the main side. What impressions did you have?
– I had really good impression. I really liked the atmosphere. I liked being with the team and watching the match. Honestly, I thought I would get onto the field, but Luciano Spalletti put Fernando Meira out there instead of me. In my place (smiles).