Maxim Kanunnikov: “We had the best style of play in the league”

Zenit`s forward, one of the leaders of the blue-white-light blue youth side, commented on today`s match and tallied the results of the 2010 season.

– As for today`s match, we had mainly positive emotions, both from the result and from the way we played, – says Maxim Kanunnikov. – We satisfied our fans` expectations. As for the season as a whole, we probably didn`t satisfy our fans` hopes, and I don`t think we deserved third place based on the way we played. There wasn`t a single team in the youth league that had more class than Zenit on the pitch. Our skills were better than any other team`s. So there are still some negative feelings from the season.

– Did the weather have an influence on the result of today`s match?
– I think everybody noticed that we made a lot of mistakes over the first ten-fifteen minutes. I played really bad at the beginning. I started to worry. At one point I felt the ball and have it to my player. That`s when the match started to come, and the guys started worrying less. Once we scored the first goal we kept up the heat right until the end.

– Did the fact that Amkar-Y won its match today have an effect on your play?
– That was disappointing, but I knew that the youth team from Perm wouldn`t give away second place. If we had lost today then we would have finished outside the top three… But we didn`t have any stress from the fact that we were playing for third place. We played for our fans, and this was our last game on our field. The important thing was for the game to be memorable.