The Fan Coordination Committee reminds all fans: the champions are coming to Petrovsky!

Today, November 28, 2010, the largest fan performance in the history of Russian football will take place at Petrovsky Stadium!

We`ve been going for gold together all season. Zenit fought and struggled on the field, and we supported our team from the stands at every match. We did the important job together! Today we invite everyone who comes to Petrovsky to take part in our celebration together. Today will be a special day, because each one of you will make this celebration happen!

At your seat you`ll find a copy of the champion`s cup made of cardboard and a package of confetti. Keep these things until the team comes onto field, and don`t put the cup into the air until you get the signal. The signal will be the unfurling of a gigantic banner in the stands in honor of Zenit the champion. Join the performance by holding your cup over your head. You`ll see that the whole stadium is doing the same. But that`s only part of our show.

The celebration will continue, because Zenit`s players will get their championship medals after the final whistle. To make the awards ceremony beautiful, let`s try to sing the Zenit anthem “The City on the Wild Neva” altogether as a stadium. Try to sing this song in unison. In that case we can make a really powerful performance of our anthem in honor of Zenit`s gold medal.