Nicolas Lombaerts: “We won`t give anyone a gift”

Zenit`s defender spoke about potential lapses of concentration, the weather, Lukaku, and Charleroi before the match with Anderlecht.


– What does it mean “the result isn`t important?” We have a lot to play for. We want to win, we need to defend our honor, and win for our fans.

– Did your parents freeze at the stadium on Sunday?
– It was really hard and cold for them. But I`m really thankful to them that they stayed at the stadium until the end, and we`re present at the match. I`m proud of them.

– How did you react to Spalletti taking his shirt off after the match?
– That was crazy, of course, to run around like that in that temperature. But it was cool!

– Say a few words about your opponent. Who can contain Lukaku?
– Everybody asks about Lukaku. He`s just a player in Anderlecht, just a good player. I think he`s strong. But Anderlecht has a lot of other good footballers besides Lukaku, and a lot of my friends. They`re a strong team.

– Did you see Anderlecht`s last match with Charleroi? Did you see the fouls that Charleroi committed?
– Charleroi played like that, not Zenit. We`re not going to play with just nine players, like they did. We`re not Charleroi. It`s going to be a totally different game, a different match.

– On the one hand you said that it was very important to beat Anderlecht in Belgium. On the other hand you want the Belgian club to get out of the group.
– I want t win, and that`s most important for me. Ya, I came from a club that is an opponent of Anderlecht. It`s really important to me to win. It`s really important for Belgian football to make it to the next round, but we`re not going to give them a gift.

– Even though you`re from Bruges, and are an enemy of Anderlecht, you say that you have many friends in their team.
– Ya, Legear, for example. His girlfriend is coming here, she`s friends with my fiancee, and the girls will probably go out together. And we`ll meet them too.