Thousands of gold cups, griffons, and flowers from the 17th sector

The large-scale performance organized by our fans at Zenit`s match with Krylya Sovetov on Sunday was a unique phenomenon in Russian football.

At the beginning of the match a huge banner was unfurled across four sectors. The banner showed St. Petersburg`s mythical griffons guarding the championship trophy won by Zenit. Furthermore, all of the fans in the stadium were given gold cups made of cardboard for the match. After all, Zenit`s fans are champions too! Altogether 16,000 such cardboard cups were made and handed out for free to the fans. This joint event put together by the club and its fans is a unique record. A few minutes after the banner and cups were displayed, the fans started jumping to their beloved “Blue-white-sky blue: hey, hey!” and tons of confetti flew into the sky. Right after that the stadium started shaking under the roars of “We are the champions.” Petrovsky Stadium didn`t quiet down even for a minute, once again proving that no other stadium in Russian can compare with Petrovsky.

FC Zenit thanks its fans again for their ambitious performance in honor of the club, and gives special thanks to the 17th sector of Petrovsky Stadium, which organized the most unusual method of giving flowers in the history of the team: 365 blue-white-light blue bouquets were thrown from a helicopter onto the field during Zenit`s celebration ceremony!