Jan Polak: “The conditions are the same for both teams”

Anderlecht’s halfback admitted that Zenit is a stronger team, and noted that his club, despite all its injuries, is going to fight for a result.

– What do you think about the conditions on the field?
– It`s going to be tough, but both teams have to play in these conditions. We have to solve that problem on our own. The conditions are the same for both teams, and we`re professionals.

– It`s hard to play against Zenit in any weather, and now, after they`ve become champions, and on this field…
– Each player is waiting for their chance from the coach. Zenit has players who don`t play much, and who will want to go out and play in front of their home fans. It`s going to be very tough.

– Have you ever played in conditions like these before?
– In the Czech Republic, in Liberec, I played when it was -20… Well, maybe it was a little warmer. I played.

– In the first match Anderlecht tried to play open football with Zenit, and lost. Are you going to play more defensively on Wednesday?
– First of all, we were playing at home. That`s why we played openly. We know Zenit`s qualities. We`re going to do everything we can to get a result.

– Your team has a lot of injuries. How is the team dealing with that?
– We`re a team, and we`re players who can replace one another. Those players who are injured will be replaced by those who are ready to play and fight.

– What do you think about your own level of play?
– The last two matches didn`t go too well for me. I need to play at my level, be more attentive than before.

– What do you think about your chances to make it to the Europa League?
– There are too many factors. Let`s see after the last group match day.