Danko Lazovic and Aleksandar Lukovic: “Russia will get the World Cup!”

Zenit’s Serbian footballers admitted that they expect FIFA to choose Russia to host the World Cup, and noted that Russia can both host and even win the tournament.

– We hope and believe that Russia's bid will win. Because a country like Russia deserves to get something like that. It didn’t happen with the European Cup, but it should happen with the World Cup. I’m totally sure about that. Russia deserves the tournament more than all the other bids.

– Is Russia’s football infrastructure good enough to hold the World Cup? Or will the World Cup be a good reason to develop Russian infrastructure?
– We think that Russia isn’t entirely ready yet. But that’s just now, at the current moment. I’m sure that by the starting whistle of the 2018 World Cup everything will be ready here by a million percent. So it will good for Russia’s football infrastructure to host the World Cup. And it will be really good for Russia's domestic football if the country hosts the tournament. And it will.

– Why are you so sure?
– The thing is that this part of Europe doesn’t get to host such serious tournaments that often. In fact it almost never does. The stadiums, the infrastructure, the people – all of them make Russia deserving of the World Cup. Furthermore, we think Russia deserves not only to host the tournament, but to win it too.