Nicolas Lombaerts: “Why not add the 2018 World Cup to the Sochi-2014 Winter Olympics?”

Zenit`s Belgian defender noted that Russia is ready to hold events of any level, and suggested that the infrastructure question can easily be solved.

– Any types of sporting events can be held in Russia – I`m absolutely sure about that. The World Cup is not an exception. Just look, the Olympics will be held in Russia, and large sporting tournaments are held around the country all the time. Why not add the World Cup to that list?

– You`ve been to almost all the large stadiums in Russia. Will Russia`s infrastructure be good enough?
– That`s a problem in every country that made a bid. Why do you think that only Russia needs to rebuild stadiums, railroad stations, and improve hotels? The stadiums in Belgium, Spain, Portugal and England will be older by 2018. There is a lot of work to do, and it`s not a fact that Russia will have a harder time than them. Sometimes it`s easier to build new stadiums than to fix old ones. Infrastructure is not a problem.

– Do you remember the European Championship that Belgium held some time ago? What do such football forums mean to the country?
– It was just a great event. All of the stadiums were completely changed in just a few years. Everything changed. From the entrances to stadiums to the seats. The whole country went crazy about football. You know, everyone always thinks that the Dutch are more crazy about football than the Belgians. But there`s no country that loves football as much as the host country which holds such tournaments.