Alexey Miller: “Great work, guys!”

Alexey Miller, CEO of JSC Gazprom, thanked the fans, the team and Zenit`s coach Luciano Spalletti, and also noted the importance of the sincerity and honesty of Zenit football at the club`s celebration party on Thursday evening.

– I`m not mistaken if I say – “Good evening, Petrovsky Stadium” – Miller began the official part of the evening. – Congratulations on this celebration and on our great victory – today Russia became host of the 2018 World Cup!

Some time ago, on the pages of one famous Moscow newspaper, I read an article written by a Moscow correspondent who wrote with some envy about how well matches at Petrovsky Stadium at Petrovsky. He was impressed by the team`s advertising slogan: “Everything here is for real!” My friends, advertising is no matter. Everything about this club is for real. Zenit has real fans who give all their soul to their favorite club. We always knew that, because we`re with you. Today we have a real team, and we saw that over the course of the whole season. And I can say – Great work, guys (ovations in the stadium)! And at the end of the season we can say with pride that we have the most genuine coach. He`s a real man, who stands intelligently behind his team, his players, and his fans. Thank you, Mr. Spalletti!

Everything here is for real. We`re champions! We`re strongest of all!