Zenit`s trophy tour has started…

Zenit`s Russian Cup and the Champions Cup were presented in the most famous Petersburg theater and in the Suvorovsky Military School.

Zenit`s Russian Cup and the Champions Cup were presented in the most famous Petersburg theater and in the Suvorovsky Military School.

The first presentation of Zenit`s new trophies won this season took place in BDT Theater – a symbol of St. Petersburg. The theater has been a great friend to FC Zenit for many years. Zenit`s new cups were presented in the main entrance to the theater, and the theaters actors came to be photographed with the trophies after their morning rehearsal. Rushing, but at the same being very careful with the blue-white-sky blue stand, Andrey Sharkov (from the Master and Margarita tv show) noted that he`s very happy to see the cups in St. Petersburg again, and in BDT in particular.

- The fact that the club has come to our theater for the second time with its cups means that not only we love Zenit, but that Zenit loves us too! And that`s very nice, - Sharkov said as he took his Zenit bandana off his head. – I hope this tradition will continue.

At the same time the remaining actors posed in front of the cameras, waving Zenit scarves and flags. Putting on a Zenit shirt that was much too big for her, the actress Ekaterina Starateleva shared her impressions from the vent. The actress told which of the Zenit players she admired the most. – I was waiting for the cups to come here. Zenit made a real shock this year! Spalletti came, and the team was a dark horse. It wasn`t clear if they`d play well or not under their new coach. But in the very first match an incredible magic trick happened: you understand that the players are the same, but the team is different, and it`s the team of Spalletti. In the end the whole season was beautiful, with the exception of a few nuances that we`d better not talk about, since winners aren`t to be judged. I think this victory was the most interesting and deserved of all of Zenit`s three national championships. I really cheered for Kerzhakov, I really wanted him to play well upon returning to Zenit, and for him to be successful, because as an artist I know what it means when you want something, and it doesn`t happen, and people want you to do one thing, but you do things differently. Alexander`s play this season was wonderful to watch.

Both Zenit representatives and the actors from BDT couldn`t not remember Kirill Lavrov on this day (a famous BDT actor), and noted how happy Kirill Yuryevich would have been to see these new Zenit trophies.

Two hours in BDT flew by like lightning, and the Cup`s travels continued to the Suvorovsky Military School. Seven companies of students from the fifth to eleventh grades got to take a look at the cups with their own eyes. Unlike the theater elite, the Suvorov children, as they ought to, approached their task in a more disciplined way: each company was given a certain number of minutes for photographs. But there was still plenty of clamor, as the fifth grade students rushed into the room after their phys ed class right in their sports uniforms.

- Holy Cow! – was the only thing the boys could say when they saw the cups. But their teachers forgot about their severity on this day, and took photographs with the cups themselves.

The presentation of the cups ended with one large photograph of everybody together.